Why Synergy?

  • Born in 2014 as the R&D and manufacturing department of the Beijing Prova Energy Holding co, with the aim of developing a new range of low cost and high efficiency compressors, Synergy for gas is a modern company, with high flexible organization.
  • Focused on the customer requirements, Synergy for Gas is the unique Italian company that can provide from the bare compressor, to the unit assembled with proprietary or with customer design , up to the complete station.
  • The structure of the company, with a few expert engineer in the CNG field, guarantee a very high level products with competitive prices, due to the low cost of a small company, and a wide range of engineering services, ranging from the study of optimized compressor to the customized compression groups and software for packagers.
  • A fast response to the requirements , combined to a 360° view of the problem related to the CNG and Oil&Gas applications, makes Synergy a world leader supplier for your gas requirements

Synergy for Gas, the gas solutions